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As we mentioned in our profile, it matters to us what we sleep in. It can improve our health, our ability to relax during the night, our mood in the morning as well as our performance during the day. We spend more than 6 hours in our pyjamas, and sometimes even more if lounging or working from home. PJs become our trusted and intimate friend witnessing when not feeling well, when feeling down, when recovering from illness or heartache.

This was the angle we looked at PJs through our own experiences. We designed the styles that give us comfort, confidence and boost of energy when needed, styles that are simple and elegant. You can even mix and match easily individual pieces.

We’ve chosen two materials consisting of natural fibres - silk and organic cotton. Natural fibres allow a body to breathe easily. Our organic cotton is free from toxins and dyes harmful to the skin and the environment. Our lightweight luxurious silk has got hypoallergenic properties (designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response) and also helps to regulate a body’s temperature when worn. 

Our collection uses 6 colours - white, pink, aqua blue, mint, gold and plum. The styles are available in 4 sizes XS, S, M, L to make it easy even for a man to buy a beautiful present for a lady in his life. If your size is not included in our offer (see our Size Guide) we usually make a bespoke sleepwear to measurements supplied by you.

The collection is thoughtfully designed keeping in mind customers, all people involved in the process as well as the environment. The products are ethically manufactured in Slovakia, using eco friendly process of manufacturing. We don’t like to waste materials that can be still used by someone else. All remnant pieces of fabric are given to children in art schools for their projects.

Our packaging for the organic collection consists of recycled eco boxes and bio degradable plastic bags. The packaging for the silk collection consists of signature black gift boxes and recycled acid free tissue paper. 

Our collection is made with integrity and love. We want you to feel amazing, fabulous, relaxed and inspired when wearing our sleepwear so in the morning you can go to conquer the world and "Create your own story..." 

Posted by Vlasta & Iveta on 25 September 2017 16:00

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